summer wedding

passed appetizers

albacore tartare  smoked egg yolk, white soy, heirloom tomato, ikura

steamed buns  slow-cooked pork belly, charred eggplant tahini, peach 

strawberry temarizushi  vanilla, summer truffle, teriyaki 


sit-down dinner

buttered popcorn and ginger dumplings  black tea and melon consommé, salmon skin chicharrones, burnt garlic oil

summer pea salad  savory coconut panna cotta, pickled burdock root, cashew-black vinegar granola, nuoc cham


entrée options

pan-roasted wild salmon  yuba, charred cucumber, manila clams, kaffir lime-avocado, smoked walnut

slow-cooked wagyu short rib  black quinoa and tendon porridge, roasted radishes, kimchee, grilled green onion

soft egg and shiitake turnover  white miso and dijon custard, smoked baby turnips, thai basil, peanut

family-style dinner:


salmorejo  chilled tomato soup, pickled grapes, cold-smoked egg yolk

warm olives and dates  preserved lemon, bay leaf, pimentón

charcuteria  traditional cured meats, accompaniments

toasted country bread  triple cream cheese, harissa, wild mushroom, fresh marjoram

charred pard0n peppers  goat cheese, burnt orange, toasted hazelnut, sea salt

cured yellowfin tuna  drunken spanish goat cheese, olive oil, smoked walnut

pan-roasted pork loin  grilled fig chermoula, saffron, tart apples

intimate dinner party

oysters and chicken liver mousse  ponzu, black truffle, feuilletine brittle

scallop and beef tendon carpaccio  strawberry caponata, crispy tripe, chile-bay leaf oil

manila clams and lap cheong  steel cut oats, thai basil, dijon

lamb belly and octopus  smoked egg yolk, fresno pepper, fried potato, ashed licorice

carrot cake  malted celery ice cream, toasted chicory